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cable wire labeling machine WPM-60C
cable wire labeling machine WPM-60C
  • Cable Wire Labeling Machine WPM-60C

  • Item No : WPM-60C

  • cable Wire Labeling Machine
    Basic Use: Applicable Labels: Stickers Labels, Stickers Film; Electronic Monitoring Code Bar Code;
    Applicable Industries: Electronics, Wire, Electrical, Mechanical, And Electrical, For The Headset Line, USB Cable, Power Cord, Trachea; Application Examples: Headset Line Labeling, Power Line Labeling, Light Screw Labeling, Cable Labeling, Tracheal Labeling, Warning Signs, Such As Signatories; Order)
    Name WPM-60C Cable Folder Flag Adhensive Sticker Wire Labeling Machine
    Power Supply AC 220V/110V, 50 Hz 60W
    Labeling Speed 900-1200 / Hour, Depending On The Label Size And Speed Of Operation
    Applicable Product Range 1 ~ 10 Mm Diameter Is Adjustable
    Wide Applicable Scope Of Label 10 ~ 56 Mm/long 40 ~ 160 Mm (beyond Size Make To Order)
    Gross Weight 98kg
    Size 850 X500x960mm

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Detailed description
cable flag folded electronic wire labeling machine, Cable Wire Harness Tube Machine, Labeling Print Machine, Labeling Tape Wrapping Machine

Automatic labeling machine, semi-automatic wire folded labeling machine factory direct sale
Automatic wire folded labeling machine technical parameters
Basic use: Applicable labels: stickers labels, stickers film; electronic monitoring code bar code;
Applicable industries: electronics, wire, electrical, mechanical, and electrical, for the headset line, USB cable, power cord, trachea; Application examples: headset line labeling, power line labeling, light screw labeling, cable labeling, tracheal labeling, warning signs, such as signatories; order)



WPM-60C cable folder flag adhensive sticker wire labeling machine

Power supply

AC 220V/110V, 50 Hz 60W

Labeling speed

900-1200 / hour, depending on the label size and speed of operation

Applicable product range

1 ~ 10 mm diameter is adjustable

Wide applicable scope of label

10 ~ 56 mm/long 40 ~ 160 mm (beyond size make to order)

Gross weight



850 x500x960mm

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